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Celebrating 15 years of providing professional technical backup and project management services in property development projects for developers, private and institutional investors, banks, and other professionals in the investment and property development industry. 

Our projects' portfolio includes hotels, offices, resorts, residential developments, shopping malls, urban development, and infrastructure, in Russia and the CIS, as well as in the Middle East.

Over the past 5 years we have developed comprehensive BIM resources which adds a strong technical edge to our services. We work together with international design and consultancy partner firms providing the potential of full service to our clients

Project Management

Project Management

  • Technical Support for Feasibility Studies  

  • Concept Design Evaluation

  • Design Management

  • Tendering 

  • Construction Management

  • Facility Management

Developing an overall project plan in accordance with the specific requirements, resources and constraints related to the project, will generally entail the early definition of the overall project budget and specific timelines for task completion. The correct initiation of the project, coupled with the systemic updating of the project’s plan using up to date project tracking and feedback technologies, will ensure not only timely execution of all tasks, but also the ability to resolve potential conflicts before they occur.


Our project management experience is the result of working on a wide portfolio of projects, in Russia, the CIS and the Middle East, including hotels, offices, resorts, residential developments, shopping malls, urban developments, and infrastructural and civil engineering projects.


Trehprudny Business Center

Moscow, Russia 2007-2010  16,000 SQM
Renovation, Facility Management


BIM Management

BIM Management

Information modelling is now an indispensable, powerful modern tool for the planning, design and management of all types of construction and development projects.


The potential of Information Modeling technologies for project initiation, design, construction management and future operation and maintenance of projects, ranging in size from a single residential or office complex all the way up to a full city, is only beginning to dawn on various sectors in the construction industry.

Over the past 6 years we have built a vast amount of practical knowledge and practical experience in Information Modelling and have applied it on a large number of projects. BIM is now fully employed in all of our projects and the benefits for our Clients as well as to our colleagues, has already been proven beyond any doubt.

BM Examples from our projects


Allar Luxury Hotel & Residences

Doha, Qatar   2017-18    96,000 SQM 

BIM management, Detailed design architecture

Joint project with WATG 



Cherno 1.jpg

Chernomortiz Seaside Resort

Sochi, Russia 2007   50,000 SQM

Feasibility study, concept architecture

garden tower.PNG

The Vertical Gardens Apartments Tower,
Sochi, Russia 2007 46,000 SQM

Concept design Architecture

emertinka 1.jpg

The Emiritnka Winter Olympics Master Plan,

Sochi, Russia 2008-2010 600 Hectares

Urban Planning, conceptual proposal for the hotels Seaside Cluster. 


Kempenski Hotel Spa & Residences Project

Sochi, Russia  2010/12  230,000 SQM    15 Hectares

Design Management, Local Architect

Joint Project with WATG

Jeddah Gate Resort & Residences

Jeddah, SA   2012   57,000 SQM 7 Hectares

Engineering Design, Local representation

Joint project with WATG 

Seaside Mixed Development

Manama, Bahrain 2016  12 Hectares   83,000 SQM
Concept Master Plan and Architecture, preliminary feasibility study.

The English Quarter

Samara, Russia, 2013-14 150 Hectares
Urban Planning Local Design Management, Approvals.

Joint project with WATG 

02_Enghlish Quarter Samara.PNG

The English Quarter

Samara, Russia 2013-2014 450,000 SQM  
Local Architectural Design Management, Approvals.

Joint project with WATG 

AMBAR  Shopping Mall 

Samara, Russia 2014-15 125,000 SM

Construction Management

Derbent MP.PNG

Multi-functional Development 

Astana, Kazakhstan, 2016-17    50 Hectares

Conceptual Master Plan and preliminary  feasibility study  tor commercial, residential and leisure uses.

Urlask Shopping Mall

Uralsk, Kazakhstan   2018    210,000 SQM

Concept  architectural plan and initial feasibility study

Derbent New City Center Master Plan
Derbent, Dagestan 2020/21 150 Hectares

Urban Planning local Design Management.

Joint project with WATG 

BIM Modelling in Projects

BIM projects

The Como Premium Development Villas

Amman, Jordan    250 SQM Villas typology

Federated BIM Model for study & optimization of the project, extract new design drawings for all disciplines from model.

B2 Allar.png

Allar Luxury Hotel & Residences

Doha, Qatar       96,000 SQM 

BIM model management, detection of conflicting elements, Detailed design architecture from BIM model.

Joint project with WATG 

B3 Taf.png

Tafileh Hospital

Tafileh, Jordan 2017    35,000 SQM   Full Design

Pre-tender design audit through BIM Model. Resolution of design conflicts, optimization of electromechanical systems leading to a 10% reduction of tender costs.


Countryside Motel
Moscow region,  2018    Russia 8,500 SQM

Pre-construction design audit by BIM model. Streamlining of foundation and drainage design, coordination of electromechanical and engineering networks, correction of conflicting construction elements.


Reconstruction of Railway Bridge
Koira Kaunda Line, Russia 2017
Modelling bridge elements from CAD drawings, revision of design by the designers to optimize and standardize work on similar structures, re-issuing of standard drawings from BIM model.


Underground Academy Theater

Amman, Jordan  2018/19  45,000 SQM  
Construction of  BIM model of all electromechanical networks, correction of conflicting construction elements, reissuing of working drawings from the BIM model


Loft Development, Skolkovo Technology Park

Moscow, Russia    2019   150 85,000 SQM

Pre-construction BIM model for basement and podium.. Correction to mistakes in area calculations, discovery of conflicting structural elements, foundation and drainage networks and correction to bills of quantities.


IT & Engineering Control Building

St. Petersburg, Russian Federation 2019  9000 SQM
Pre construction BIM model for all engineering and communication networks. Discovering more than 1200 instances of  conflicting elements, proposing methodology to correct all elements and re-issue of shop drawings.

Our Role

Our Role

Our usual role is to act as the project’s owners’ representative, providing responsible consulting services regarding the various technical issues which are typically involved in a project at the different project development stages, starting from project feasibility and initiation, all the way through to handover and facility management. Our services can be made available at any stage of the project, as needed.

Additionally, we offer support technical services to architects, consulting engineers, contractors, and other professionals in the industry as members of their own teams on projects which require additional resources beyond what is available to them.

We also provide full BIM modelling and drawing production resource for projects carried out by our colleagues and partners.


Electric Central Control Room, Tafeleh Hospital
BIM model can produce fully realistic images for all MEP spaces in the project, which while not usually required, it helps engineers to better organize networks and equipment for future management and maintenance.

Our Partners

Our Partners

BIM acad.PNG

Working with our partners on our projects can potentially combine hundreds of years of practical experience for the project and avoid the ‘corporate tunnel vision’ syndrome that may arise when a single team from a single background is handling the project.

WATG is celebrating more than 75 years of successfully premium quality architectural projects mainly but not limited to the hospitality and resort sectors. Implementar has a well proven track record in cost estimation, cost tracking and value engineering in international projects.


4M is our business development consultants covering legal, financial, and business initiation issues where and when required in our projects. Ingenious has an excellent track record of project management of largescale projects in Russia. BIM Academy is a leading information modelling resource and a sector leader in the implementation and deployment of information modelling in our projects.

00Turkish village.PNG

The Turkish Village

Doha, Qatar   2014-15  39 Hectares   450,000 SQM

Master planning, full design, design management, design of infrastructure and networks, local approvals

Joint project with WATG 


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